Our Services

We provide specialist expertise in helping early stage and bootstrapped technology start-ups in the broader Northwest to gain access to a wider range of capital sources and to more effectively navigate M&A opportunities.

We bring the skills, mentality, and track record required to produce optimal results for entrepreneurial stage clients — meticulous execution, transaction oriented domain expertise, deep network of counterparty relationships, teamwork, and a relentless determination to roll up our sleeves and do what it takes to produce favorable outcomes for our clients.

Capital Access

Access to stage/sector appropriate capital sources across the country and internationally.

We work with start-up and bootstrapped companies based in the broader Northwest. This is a region that has historically been capital constrained with limited resident capital. As a result, growing companies often need to also explore capital sources outside of the region. With over a decade of experience serving start-up stage companies, we’ve built relationships across the country and internationally with investors that have an interest in innovative Northwest companies. These include micro-VC, venture capital, private equity, family office, and corporate/strategic investors with specific stage and sector specialization. We’ve enabled our PNW clients to consummate deals with investors from areas such as Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Chicago, and London.

And we understand the nuances and etiquette of doing deals at this stage. We don’t get in the way of entrepreneurs building relationships and earning their stripes with investors. We just help them navigate the journey with more precision and in a manner that produces more options and higher success rates. And for investors, we expose them to high quality, well vetted, transaction-ready opportunities in their specific areas of interest that they often would not have otherwise seen.


Planning, process, and reach to explore and optimize exits.

The rise of cloud computing, lean start-up, incubators, bootstrapping, and more abundant seed capital, have all contributed to a capital-light environment where young tech companies are getting up on their feet with less capital than ever before, and often growing to a point where they are relevant to strategic buyers. Statistically, a large majority of these start-ups will exit before they have even raised an institutional capital round. Many will do so with favorable returns to founders and shareholders. Getting experienced guidance in this process can make a considerable difference on these returns.

We offer years of specialized expertise in helping early stage and bootstrapped technology companies navigate the M&A process. Through thoughtful planning and preparation, a meticulous process, and access to a wide variety of potential buyers, we help entrepreneurs optimize their exits. Strategic alignment drives transactions involving younger/smaller companies. And we are exceptionally competent and creative in helping to position our clients to align with the strategic market dynamics that drive transaction activity.

Our tailored business model enables us to provide smaller tech companies with the same kind of expert M&A support that later stage companies routinely enjoy.

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